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    (N) Fifa 2009 new

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    Full Game (English Only)
    English commentary only, make sure to choose English from the main menu.
    Ripped - Nothing!
    You cannot play online with this rip, you must buy this game and get a valid CD key to play online.

    1) disable UAC on Vista
    2) extract .rar archive to NORMAL/SHORT PATH , somewhere like D:\\Games
    3) run setup.bat
    4) follow on-screen instructions

    How to uninstall:
    1) run delete_game_from_registry.reg file
    2) delete "FIFA 09" folder

    Riped by Skullptura
    Cracked by Reloaded

    Cito: ff09-sklptr.Uploaded_by_Moby_Master.part1.rar ff09-sklptr.Uploaded_by_Moby_Master.part2.rar ff09-sklptr.Uploaded_by_Moby_Master.part3.rar ff09-sklptr.Uploaded_by_Moby_Master.part4.rar ff09-sklptr.Uploaded_by_Moby_Master.part5.rar ff09-sklptr.Uploaded_by_Moby_Master.part6.rar ff09-sklptr.Uploaded_by_Moby_Master.part7.rar ff09-sklptr.Uploaded_by_Moby_Master.part8.rar EHJRLQ1L ZMAMVNOM WJMPN1D9 TWIRB4JH 8LH8XTY5 A29GWG1W HPWNYJ4C YSN7W8VD

    pass: MobyMaster
    All links are interchangeable!

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