[RS.com] Hyperballoid-1/2/Golden Pack(Arkanoid)

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    (N) [RS.com] Hyperballoid-1/2/Golden Pack(Arkanoid)

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    Hyperballoid 2
    What are you looking for in a Breakout game? Superb graphics? Thrilling gameplay? The ability to create your own levels? If so, look no further than Hyperballoid 2, the sequel to one of the best old school Breakout games around. The next step in your Hyperballoid journey features four visually stunning game worlds complete with animated levels and realistic physics. As you shatter these elaborate creations, you'll enjoy using outrageous new powerups and marvel at the game's silky smooth controls.

    You can also jump right into building your own levels. Using an editor that's both revolutionary and intuitive, there are no limits to what you can create. You can even modify the properties of the various bricks in the game to create new challenges! After you've exhausted your creative juices, you can hop onl
    ine to share your creations with other players and download new music. Clear your schedule now because once you start playing Hyperballoid 2, you'll be hooked!

    Toto je už druhý díl-hra je nainstalovaná v plné verzi-jen stáhnout a hrát

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    Hyperballoid is an extremely addictive game based on the classic Arkanoid but completely overhauled to make it more modern. The game has three brick types and features real impact physics. Plus, there are two entirely different campaigns, each with 50 unique levels. Hyperballoid features hi-end graphics, professional 3D sound, catchy tunes, spectacular special effects and engaging gameplay. There is absolutely no violence, so the game is perfectly suited for kids as well.

    Game Features:

    * 100 levels of non-stop action
    * two absolutely different game worlds
    * 23 unique bonuses
    * new brick types
    * real impact physics
    * three difficulty levels
    * top-level graphics
    * there's absolutely no violence

    rapidshare.com Hyperballoid-1-mga.rar

    Hyperballoid Golden Pack

    Prepare yourself for an addictive brick-buster crammed with a staggering 1,000 levels and 25 specialty bonuses! To defeat some of the most mind-bending stages ever created for a 2D Breakout game, all you'll need is the ability to slide a paddle across the bottom of your screen and hit balls toward moving targets. With stunning graphics, slick techno music and outrageous power-ups, Hyperballoid Golden Pack will satisfy your craving for arcade thrills!

    rapidshare.com Hyperballoid_Golden_Pack-mga.rar

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