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    Mesazh nga loti the hacker prej Mon Jun 01, 2009 1:01 pm

    Windows Smart Islamic | 700MB author : lotfi_soft Definition version English version sp3 2008 integrated with the optional programs on the WPI and programs through the self-proclaimed Muslim and mostly cosmetic Been incorporated into IE7 and WMP11 Azafp been Draevrat sound and AC97 and C-Media973x HDAudio optional Voices and icons and folders Alvesta .... Many of the additions and other changes Now I leave you with pictures Alautwran screen version if this version not is english , you can change to English or your language : Kodi:
    How to change Language to English click start click control panel click region and language options (globe shaped icon) if in classic view click date, time,region and language options (globe shaped icon) click region and language options (globe shaped icon) change both address bars to english click ok failing that you might be able to download the english language files from microsoft PS it is usual procedure in untouched XP google more about Multilingual User Interface (MUI) Pack installation. (muisetup.exe) More info:
    download link : download manager with high speed. keosoft90.WSILIC_downarchive.part1.rar.html keosoft90.WSILIC_downarchive.part2.rar.html keosoft90.WSILIC_downarchive.part3.rar.html keosoft90.WSILIC_downarchive.part4.rar.html keosoft90.WSILIC_downarchive.part5.rar.html keosoft90.WSILIC_downarchive.part6.rar.html keosoft90.WSILIC_downarchive.part7.rar.html keosoft90.WSILIC_downarchive.part8.rar.html keosoft90.WSILIC-downarchive.part1.rar.html keosoft90.WSILIC-downarchive.part2.rar.html keosoft90.WSILIC-downarchive.part3.rar.html keosoft90.WSILIC-downarchive.part4.rar.html keosoft90.WSILIC-downarchive.part5.rar.html keosoft90.WSILIC-downarchive.part6.rar.html keosoft90.WSILIC-downarchive.part7.rar.html keosoft90.WSILIC-downarchive.part8.rar.html pass:

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